Science Conversations @NTNU: Kick-start your PhD

Science Conversations @NTNU: How to kick-start your PhD

NTNU’s webinar series for ambitious researchers – 12

 Thursday 16 February 2023

About the webinar

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Conversation topics at the webinar

In this webinar, we’ll talk about how to develop a good relationship with your supervisor, what characterizes a good working environment and the importance of being part of a research environment. We’ll also look at the best ways to maintain a good work-life balance when you feel stressed from a heavy workload or pressure to perform.

Our panel will consist of researchers from a range of academic fields and with different experiences supervising PhD candidates. They’ll talk about the issues that might come up during the first year of your PhD, including how to get off to a good start with your supervisor and the importance of your work and research environment. We’ll also talk about networking and internationalization, but also what to do if your research project doesn’t succeed, or if your relationship with your supervisor doesn’t work out well.



Short videos

Kathrine Vangen, video image and link

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Kathrine Vangen at NTNU NIRS has some good advices for the PhD Candidates.

Borgny Hedvig Wold, video image and link

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Borgny Hedvig Wold at NTNU Occupational Health Services on what they can offer.

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Panel at the webinar

The panelists


Magnar Bjørås, photo

Magnar Bjørås

Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, NTNU


Astrid Silvia de Winj, photo

Astrid Silvia de Wijn

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, NTNU


Nancy Bazilchuk, photo.

Senior Adviser
Nancy Bazilchuk

Research and Innovation Communication, Communication Division, NTNU