Science Conversations @NTNU: Quality before quantity

Science Conversations @NTNU: Shift in science evaluation – quality before quantity

NTNU’s webinar series for ambitious researchers – 14

 Thursday 20 April 2023

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Academic institutions and researchers themselves have traditionally relied on specific indicators to measure results and set goals. The net result is an unwanted focus on the quantity of a researcher’s publications.

But times are changing, and a range of decision makers – from research institutions, funders and research groups themselves – have begun to shift their focus to the quality and impact of a researcher’s work when evaluating their science. Up-and-coming researchers need to understand this shift, both to improve the prospects for their research career, but also when it comes to publishing research results. Are more publications always better?

This webinar features highly influential researchers who will discuss the merits of different approaches to science evaluation and publishing cultures, and what they think about the shift to quality before quantity. 

Panel at the webinar

The panelists


Tor Grande, photo

Pro-Rector for Research and Dissemination
Tor Grande



May-Britt Moser, photo

May-Britt Moser

Kavli Institute for Systems Neroscience, Faculty of Medicine and Health, NTNU


Olav Bolland, photo

Olav Bolland

Faculty of Engineering, NTNU


Nancy Bazilchuk, photo.

Senior Adviser
Nancy Bazilchuk

Research and Innovation Communication, Communication Division, NTNU