Science Conversations @NTNU: Science politics - sector funding

Science Conversations @NTNU: Science politics and university sector funding

NTNU’s webinar series for ambitious researchers – webinar 15

 Thursday 4 May 2023

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The next step in your academic career will depend on more than just your individual achievements. Science politics and university sector funding will affect your ability to build a successful academic career.

The world of academia is best mastered by understanding some basics about science politics and funding. What influence do you as a researcher have on science politics, and how do you find your way in the jungle of project funding? What kind of tools and support are available? And finally, how do you handle the disappointment and potential setbacks if your grant application isn’t funded?

This webinar will look at the journey from being an early-career researcher with a new PhD to becoming an established academic with prestigious ERC funding and large research centres.

Panel at the webinar

The panelists


Francesca Verones, photo

Francesca Verones

Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, NTNU


Bernt-Erik Sæther, photo

Bernt-Erik Sæther

Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, NTNU


Marius Korsnes, photo

Associate Professor
Marius Korsnes

Department of Interdisciplinary studies of Culture, Faculty of Humanities, NTNU


Ben David Normann, photo

Associate Professor
Ben David Normann

Department of ICT and Natural Sciences,  Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, NTNU