Master's degree programme

Simulation and Visualization

– Job prospects

Simulation and visualization are used in many different contexts, and the application areas are experiencing rapid growth.

Job opportunities are dependent on your background and your specialization within the Master's program in Simulation and Visualization. The program is relevant for jobs in all businesses and public organizations using simulation, which can / should use simulation, or that develop simulation methods or simulators. The study forms the basis for further PhD studies at NTNU.

To give some examples:

  • Training of surgery in a simulator
  • Monte Carlo simulation in engineering to analyze the consequences of uncertainty
  • Swarm Intelligence methods for search and rescue
  • Machine Learning to create adaptive websites
  • Simulation and Visualization of automation in a factory
  • The use of artificial intelligence to predict when the components of a machine should be replaced
  • Visualization and simulation of underwater technology
  • Machine Learning to create revolutionary software for the game of go
  • The use of artificial intelligence in game technology
  • Virtual prototyping of a ship
  • Simulation of ecosystem management