One-year study in Latin


Students and a professor at the Gunnerus Library, studying old books.

In the Middle Ages and far into modern time, Latin was the international language of communication, the way English is today.

Latin was the language of the Romans and the Roman Empire in Antiquity, the language of communication of Christianity through the Middle Ages, and the language of the scholars up to the beginning of the 19th century. In the areas of politics, culture, the Church and science, Latin was the employed language, both written and orally.

The one-year study in Latin aims to provide the students with linguistic skills in Latin that makes it possible for them to work independently with Latin texts and linguistic phenomena from various periods of European history.

During the courses the students will study

  • To understand and analyse the grammatical structure of the language
  • To acquire a technique for translation from Latin to Norwegian (and to a certain extent from Norwegian to Latin)
  • To identify elements of Latin words in modern languages
  • To study Latin texts from Antiquity and the Middle Ages in their cultural and historical contexts
  • To obtain an overview of Latin Roman culture in Antiquity and its tradition in later periods of time.

We require the knowledge of Latin to study the Western culture's ancient history, literature, the history of ideas and philosophy, as the sources are often in Latin. Those who master Latin are able to study such texts in the original language and gain first-hand access to European culture of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and later times.

A one-year study in Latin gives, in addition to linguistic skills in Latin, a general linguistic competence in combination with a broad orientation in the cultural history. These qualifications may be employed in a wide field of interests: history, cultural studies, literature, language and linguistics.

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