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French culture has a dominant position in Europe, with a rich tradition in art and literature. At the same time, much of Europe's innovative culture has its origin in France, and the country has played a central role in the development of Europe.

The central goal of the Bachelor's degree in French is to give you insight into the French language system, often in comparison to Norwegian. Through both theoretical and practical methodologies, you will have the opportunity to develop a solid proficiency in modern French.
Using reader response and the reading experience itself as the point of departure for your studies, you will be introduced to French literature.  The texts will be critically interpreted, and placed within the context of French literary history.

Your understanding of French reality will be developed through your explorations in French history, geography and civilization.

Norwegian and foreign companies often lose important contracts due to the lack of language skills and intercultural competence. There are great challenges and possibilities in connection to the French-speaking countries, and with solid skills in French, you would be an attractive candidate for both the home and international job markets.

The lectures are conducted in French and Norwegian, and the program expects that you possess language skills equivalent to level 1 French from secondary or upper secondary school.

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Contact Information


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