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Media Studies

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We live in a society often referred to as a media and information society. This is due to a constant increase in the use of the media, and the fact that the media play a continually more important role in society. Media Studies is the study of media in society, and emphasis is put especially on the mass media.

Media Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study which consists of a number of courses from a variety of subject areas, providing cultural, social and political lines of thought to the study of the media. Whether focus is on art, commercials, entertainment or information through film, television or news agencies, the aim is to achieve a critical understanding of media and communication. The course aims to provide a systematic analysis and description of the institutions, content and public of the media.

Media Studies at NTNU is atypical both nationally and internationally as the main focus is on visual communication.

The course is based on both humanistic and social scientific approaches, as well as a contribution from Computer Engineering and Information Science. In the core courses, text-oriented studies of stills and moving pictures, sociological perspectives on media institutions and psychological studies of the users of the media are included. The specialization courses are based on Media Pedagogics, Media Sociology, Film Studies, Visual Communication, Applied Linguistics, Musicology, Information and Communication Studies, and Information Science/Computer Engineering.

If you wish to extend Media Studies in a cultural and aesthetic direction, a combination of the following specializations is recommended: Film Studies, Media Production, Art History, Drama/Theatre, Musicology, Music Technology, Information Technology, Applied Linguistics, Comparative Literary Studies, History, Philosophy, or Religious Studies.

If you wish to extend Media Studies in a social studies direction, you are recommended to choose a specialization such as Education Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Geography, or Political Science.

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