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– Admission

Information regarding the application procedures is found on the web-page of the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (Samordna opptak):

All the programs that go through Samordna Opptak require that the applicant have a permanent/renewable residence permit in Norway.

You will find information about living and studying in Norway on the following web-page:

Applicants must document all their relevant education with officially certified copies of certificates, diplomas, transcripts etc. in the original language, and authorized translations if the original documents are not in English or another Scandinavian language. Both upper secondary and higher education must be documented.

You must satisfy the English and Norwegian language requirement before you are eligible for admission.

Most teaching in higher education in Norway is in Norwegian and many of the text-books are in Norwegian so it is necessary that to have a good working knowledge of written and spoken Norwegian. 

Moreover, the Norwegian medical studies are among the most sought-after undergraduate programmes in Norway, thus competition for a place is fierce. Admission is strictly based on academic qualifications.

Applicants with foreign secondary education apply for admission on the regular Norwegian application form, online through www.samordnaopptak.

Contact Faculty of Medicine, Studies

Contact Faculty of Medicine, Studies


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Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS)