FAQ - Undergraduate Studies

FAQ - Undergraduate Studies

General information about undergraduate studies such as bachelor's degrees. Not the information you were looking for? Consult our other FAQs here.

International students studying

Language of instruction

Language of instruction

All undergraduate programmes at NTNU are taught in Norwegian and hence require Norwegian proficiency for admission*.

You have to prove proficiency at the time of applying. It is not possible to come to NTNU with the intention to learn Norwegian before you start your degree. 

NTNU offers no bachelor's degrees taught in English.

*Nordic students: Note that Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, or Swedish applicants who have graduated from upper secondary school (videregående skole) in Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Sweden do not need to document their proficiency in Norwegian.

Application deadlines - SHARING

How to apply

If you fulfil the Norwegian language requirement and intend to apply directly to an undergraduate programme,  you can find more information in Norwegian at NTNU.no

Cost of living


NTNU does not charge tuition fees. However, all international students who are not citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries must be able to document that they have enough funding to live in Norway while attending NTNU.

NTNU does not offer financial support and scholarships for undergraduate students.

Contact information - SHARING

Contact information

Please contact us at international@st.ntnu.no if you cannot find the information you are looking for in the FAQ section or on our website. You can also contact us on our Facebook page. However, please note that we do not have the capacity to respond to questions that are already answered in the FAQ section.