Master's Degree Programme, 5 years, Trondheim


– Seeking and understanding the mysteries of nature!
  • Student conducting an experiment. Photo
  • Student conducting an experiment. Photo
  • Student conducting an experiment. Photo

NTNU offers a five-year integrated Master's degree in Biotechnology with admission directly from upper secondary school.

The term biotechnology is used for both general molecular biological research and industrial processes for the production of useful biological products. Biotechnology is a field where technology and basic research meet. It is a research area composed of several independent disciplines, and good results require cooperation.

Biotechnology is a field in continuous development, and we now can extract enormous amounts of information about the structure of genetic material with humans and other mammals, plants, fish, invertebrates and microorganisms. Advanced computer tools store and analyze huge amounts of biological data and are invaluable for biotechnological research. This development has been crucial to the progresses within medical diagnostics, the production of new medicines, and plant breeding, as well as a better understanding of biological systems.

Advanced methods of analysis enables us to evaluate biological reactions and systems much more accurately than we could just a few years ago; this basic knowledge is important when developing biotechnology for the future.

The master's programme in Biotechnology is aimed at scientific research where cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology are central disciplines. The programme aims to provide a thorough understanding of the biological processes in bacteria, plants and animals.

You can choose amongst the following specializations:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Systems Biology
  • Biopolymer- and Biochemistry

Language of instruction

Website: 5-årig masterprogram i bioteknologi