Master's programme in Drama and Theatre

Drama and Theatre

Students working on a drama and theatre project

The master's programme in Drama and Theatre covers a variety of forms of expression founded on acting and performance.

During the course of study these different forms of expression within the discipline are critically scrutinized in relation to practice, schemes and literature.

Moreover, the programme of study provides students with an historical and contemporary overview of pedagogical, artistic and theoretical approaches.

The master's programme in Drama and Theatre provides competence within a limited field of the discipline, through which students are enabled to teach and instruct parts and concepts prepared by others or by themselves.

The master's programme aims to provide students with the following competence:

  • a professional specialization at high level with a clear, vocational aim
  • the initial stage of a doctoral programme (PhD)

The programme of study provides candidates with a more practically oriented specialization within the master's degree. Students who choose this option replace the 60 credit master's thesis with a shorter master's thesis (amounts to 30 ECTS credits) combined with practical dissemination (awards 30 ECTS credits).

The objects of study and research within the discipline may be found within theatrical institutions, as well as in other cultural contexts, such as schools, leisure time and social work, both in Western and non-Western frames of reference.

Historical and contemporary reflection on the distinctive character of the discipline is emphasized. Moreover, this close reading covers the historical and cultural changes in appearance and function within the dramatical medium.

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