Career opportunities

Information Security - Master's Programme, 2 years - Gjøvik

Career opportunities

Graduates will be qualified to work with critical infrastructure, forensic investigation, incident response, security management, as well as in roles related to law enforcement, national security, and preparedness.

This master's programme is suitable for those who are working or wish to work with cybercrime, securing and analyzing electronic traces, or cyberattacks in entities such as the police, judiciary, public services, or private or state enterprises in the Nordic region.

You can work with:

  • Critical infrastructure
  • Forensic investigation and incident response
  • Security management
  • Law enforcement
  • National security and preparedness.

Further studies

After completing a master's programme, it is possible to pursue a doctoral degree (Ph.D.). A Ph.D. is the highest level of formal education in Norway. 

A doctoral degree from NTNU qualifies you for leadership roles in industry, administration, higher education, and research. 

NTNU offers a Ph.D. programme in Information Security: 

Integrated Ph.D. Programme 

The integrated Ph.D. programme is an alternative path starting from the final year of the master's programme. The advantage of an integrated Ph.D. is that the master's and Ph.D. are closely linked.