Study environment

Information Security - Master's Programme, 2 years - Gjøvik

Study environment

The Master's programme is primarily organised as an on-campus programme, but certain subjects may be based on periodic gatherings, and for some modules, laboratory attendance is recommended.

The teaching focuses on individual learning but facilitates collaboration and active student participation, including through a virtual data laboratory.

Studiemiljø i Gjøvik

Student i Gjøvik

Aerial photograph of NTNU Gjøvik campus.
Photo: Espen Taftø Vestad/NTNU. 

As a student at NTNU Gjøvik, you become part of a vibrant and active student community with 3,800 students. When studying, it is important to thrive both academically and socially. Gjøvik is a place of study where it is easy to get to know fellow students, even across different fields of study, and you will have close contact with lecturers and the academic community. 

At Campus Gjøvik, we offer excellent facilities for students with modern lecture halls, study rooms, and computer labs. Here, you will also encounter an international and multicultural environment. 

Our learning spaces are open to all students around the clock and are used outside of scheduled teaching and practice hours as an academic and social meeting place across both fields of study and cohorts. This has resulted in the students having strong social cohesion and a good study environment. The teaching staff are easily accessible and situated near the learning spaces. 

Further information about student life in Gjøvik

Login - Student organisation for IT

Login - Student organisation for IT

Login is a student organisation for and by students. Login hosts both social and academic events throughout the year - including business presentations, academic presentations, hacking competitions and social events. Students in need of support for field trips/social events are welcome to contact Login for assistance.

Building bridges between the students and organisations is essential for good collaboration. Therefore Login dedicates a whole day for organisations to come and present themselves - karrieredager. During this event the different organisations are lined up with stands where students can drop by. Different presentations will also be available for students to participate in where they can get a better idea of what the organisations are representing.