Master's programme in Art History

Art History

Street art, graffiti

The master's programme in Art History provides insight into and increased knowledge of visual expression in western culture through analyses of the aesthetic design of specific works of art, their historic roots and changes.

During the course of study, students are given the opportunity to choose a field specialization within the discipline in consultation with the scholarly staff.

The master's programme in Art History emphasizes developing a critical attitudes to sources, as well as the ability to work independently. As part of the preparations for writing the master's thesis, the course of study provides students with an historical outline of the disciplines, and the applied theories and methods. Furthermore, the process of collecting sources, including an introduction to the handling of and critical approach to different kinds of sources is paid close attention. Training in oral and written dissemination of the discipline is also conducted.

Through work with the master's thesis, students are given the opportunity to show their ability of undertaking a piece of independent scholarly work, including handling problems affiliated with art-historical material. This material may include works of art of different kinds, research literature and source material. Work with the thesis takes place under the guidance of an academic supervisor.

Art History at The Department of Art and Media Studies prioritizes three research fields within the discipline:

  • the architecture and pictorial art of the Middle Ages, especially the late Middle Ages and the periodic demarcation of the Renaissance
  • the architecture, urban development and visual art of the 20th century, alongside the assumptions of the 19th century romanticism and modernity.
  • perspectives on gender theory within the discipline of Art History

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