Study environment

Electronic Systems Design - Master's Programme, 2 years - Trondheim

Study environment

Being a student in Trondheim

Main building of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Picture.

Trondheim is known for its good student and study environment and has been elected Norway’s best student city several times. The number of inhabitants in Trondheim exceeds 200,000 and its 33,000 students clearly leave their mark on the city. Studentersamfundet (the students’ association) functions as a base for many students. Whatever you like to do in your leisure, you will no doubt find something to participate in.

As a master’s degree student in Trondheim, you will have close interaction with staff and researchers and be part of an excellent international and multi-cultural research environment. The Master's programme will have a mixture of Norwegian and non-Norwegian students. English is a compulsory part of Norwegian schooling, which means that practically every Norwegian has a reasonable knowledge of English. 45 students are admitted to the programme of study in Trondheim.

As an Electronic Systems Design student, you will meet highly skilled supervisors in a wide range of fields, and have access to several modern labs depending on your specialisation. 

The programme options runs in conjunction with the last two years of the 5-year study program “Electronic Systems Design and Innovation”, so you will also be a part of a much larger student environment.