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Industrial Ecology (Master's Programme)

Programme structure

(MSc in) Industrial ecology

The Master of Science in Industrial Ecology is a  two year master programme. For an overview of the mandatory and elective courses for Industrial Ecology consult the study plan below.

First semester

In the first semester, you will build your core competence in analytical methods, data science, and perspectives in industrial ecology. The UN Sustainable Development Goals frame the courses and coursework, with emphasis on life cycle thinking, climate change mitigation, and material and resource flows in society. 

Second semester

In the second semester, you will develop interdisciplinary teamwork skills and your advanced analytical path. Possible directions for your profile could be life-cycle assessment and environmental impact indicators, scenario analysis for resource use and circular economy, or relations between global trade, consumption, and environment. Any profile can be supplemented with electives in management, policy or applied tools.  

Third semester

In the third semester you complete your study profile through specialization electives and an independent research project.

Fourth semester

In the fourth and final semester you write your master's thesis. Themes for the specialization project and thesis include the following:  

  • Ecosystems and Bioresources 
  • Energy, Transport and Buildings 
  • Circular Economy and Resources 
  • Sustainable Production and Consumption


Study plan