Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering

Joint Nordic Master’s degree programme, 2 years

Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering

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Bio Energy

Bio Energy

– Study track

First year: KTH. Second year: Aalto.

The Bio Energy study track provides state-of-the-art education in thermal conversion of biomass into power and biofuel production. Thermal conversion of biomass is considered one of the main methods to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and in the replacement of fossil carbon sources. This is due to the fact that biomass is a carbon neutral fuel as the emitted CO2 was previously captured from the atmosphere by the plants being thermally processed. Power generation technology from biomass can be achieved through different processes, for example: combustion, gasification, pyrolysis and combined processes. While biofuel production technology can be achieved through pyrolysis, gasification, fermentation and/or distillation process.

The Bio Energy study track at Aalto University for second year includes two modules: Power Generation from Biomass and Bioenergy in Transport. The Power Generation from Biomass module focuses on sustainable production of power from biomass which includes all aspects related to bio-boilers principles, planning, structure and operation. The Bio energy in Transport module focuses on the use and usability and combustion of bio-derived fuels in transport. On-road, off-road and marine transport is covered. The basics of bio-fuel production principles are covered too. The courses of both modules consist of lectures, literature, simulation exercises, excursions, seminars and group project work.

Learning outcomes:

  • Student acquire a state-of-the-art education and training in the fields of sustainable power generation from biomass and biofuel; become familiar with the principles, planning, structure and operation of bio-boilers, combustion and gasification techniques in different types of boilers; obtain constructive knowledge in biofuel production, use, combustion and relevant environmental aspects.
  • Student become skilled in calculation, simulation, design and analysis of thermal processes in bio energy power plant through training in multidisciplinary problem analysis and solving with emphasis on critical thinking
  • Close collaboration with industry during thesis work and organizing excursion for many courses (especially project work courses) to provide students with enough knowledge about biomass technology both in theory and practice.

For more information take a look at the Study plan 2018/2019


Course Table

Course Table

Introduction to Energy Technology, MJ1402, 3 ECTS

Renewable Energy Technology, MJ2411, 6 ECTS

Sustainable Power Generation, MJ2405, 9 ECTS

Sustainable Energy Utilization, MJ2407, 9 ECTS

Energy and Environment, MJ2413, 6 ECTS

Total of 33ECTS

MJ2424 Computational Methods in Energy Technology, 6 ECTS

MJ2410 Energy Management, 6 ECTS

MJ2412 Renewable Energy Technology, Advanced course, 6 ECTS

MJ2426 Applied heat and power technology, 6 ECTS

Elective course from list:
MJ2438 – Modeling of Energy Systems – Heat and Power Generation, 6 ECTS
MJ2476 Strategies in the Global Climate Agenda, 6 ECTS
MJ2381 Introduction to Energy Systems Analysis and Applications, 6ECTS
ME2085: Transformation in Energy Systems and Industries, 6 ECTS

Total of 30ECTS

Bio fuel & bioenergy, AAE - E3050, 5 ECTS

Energy, Environment and Emission Control, EEN-E2007, 5 ECTS

Energy Markets, EEN - E3006, 5 ECTS

Process Integration and Energy Optimization, EEN- E3007, 5 ECTS

Foreign language studies, Kie - 98., 3 ECTS

Elective courses from list:
Elective courses for Bioenergy module:
PHYS-C6370 Fundamentals of New Energy Sources (5 ECTS) (I-II)
EEN-E1010 Power Plants and Processes (5 ECTS) (I-II)
AAE-E3000 Advanced Energy Project (10 ECTS) (I-II)
EEN-E1000 Introduction to Advanced Energy Solutions (5 ECTS) (I-II)
Kie-98.1114 Communicating Technology (3 ECTS) (I-II, III-IV, IV-V)
Kie-98.1115 Persuasive Communication (3 ECTS) (I-II, III-IV, IV-V)
Kie-98.1410 Industrial Communications (3-5 ECTS) (III)

Total of 30ECTS

Thesis , 30 ECTS

Total of 30ECTS

Possible supervisors for master thesis supervision:
Research Bioenergy track 2020/2021

Master Thesis Information

Master Thesis Information