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Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (Nordic Master's Programme)

What will you learn?

Important information

NTNU has had its last admission into this programme in the fall of 2021. You can still apply to the programme through Alto University. Please note that NTNU is no longer a part of this collaboration for any new admissions. 

The Nordic Master in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (ISEE) combines sustainable energy engineering with innovation and entrepreneurship.

The term sustainable energy engineering comprises a wide array of practices, policies and technologies (conventional, renewable and alternative) aimed at providing energy at the lowest possible economic, environmental and social cost. Emphasis is placed on dealing with energy engineering tasks with due consideration of related technical, environmental and socio-economic issues.

Strong emphasis is also put on the innovative and entrepreneurial aspects of the energy society, especially with regard to how existing and new efficiency-improving innovations can be brought to market in different countries. The innovative aspects of the programme are related to both the advanced renewable energy concept in the Nordic countries as well as new businesses in the energy sector.