Master of Science in Neuroscience

– Former Student: Seth Bonsu Agyei

Picture of Seth Bonsu AgyeiSeth Bonsu Agyei

Seth Bonsu Agyei graduated from NTNU in 2011 and takes his PhD at the Developmental Neuroscience Lab., Department of Psychology, NTNU.

I had a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology from the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Ghana. Plus a year of working as a research assistant at the School of Medical Sciences, UCC. After finishing in Ghana I wanted to study at NTNU because of the high standard of education at the university. The Neuroscience program also has some of the world's leading researchers as faculty members. Plus, higher education in Norway is practically free. In all, I felt I was going to have the best quality of education here and at a good economical value.

The topic of my master's thesis was "Longitudinal study of perception of structured optic flow and random visual motion in infants using high-density EEG". The master's degree served as the basis of qualification for the PhD position I got at the Developmental Neuroscience Lab., Department of Psychology, NTNU. My work at the lab primarily involves taking and/or analyzing data from infant and adult subjects, and helping out master's as well as bachelor's students with their respective lab-related assignments.

If I am to give any advice to students that are looking for a relevant position after finishing the master's degree, it quite depends on what type of work they look for. If it is academic-related, then I suppose a lot depend on the grades, and strong references from their referees. It helps to find a referee who actually knows you and/or your work. If it is not too academic-related, then they should play more to their practical skills acquired all the way from their bachelor's education to any relevant practical skills they received from studying Neuroscience.

Since supervisors or senior superiors are in contact with other such people, asking them for help in alerting you if they hear of a relevant job position actually helps too. And above all, they should exercise some patience when it appears the job-search is not too fruitful right away.

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