Career opportunities

Digital Infrastructure and Cyber Security - Master's Programme, 2 years - Trondheim

Career opportunities

You will be able work all over the world within the telecommunications and software industry and for network service and content providers, consultancy firms, research institutes, and universities.

It is an international programme with students from all over the world, which gives you the opportunity to establish international networks. Your competence will be attractive in business and industry and your education is internationally relevant. 

The programme qualifies for an advanced level in the discipline and for admission to doctoral degree programmes.

Work areas:

  • Planning, design, operation and administration of networks and web-based services and applications
  • Digital security and digital investigation
  • Systems development and programming
  • Counselling, management, sales, and marketing
  • Systems and software development
  • Teaching and research

Potential careers:

  • Digital investigator
  • DevOps-consultant
  • Infrastructure engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Security analyst
  • Security manager
  • Systems administrator
  • Systems consultant
  • Threat intelligence and incident management

Further studies

After the completion of a master’s degree programme, it is possible to apply for admission to a doctoral degree programme (PhD). A PhD programme is the highest level of formal education in Norway. Through a doctoral degree from NTNU you will be qualified for leading positions in business and industry, public administration, higher education, and research. 

NTNU offers a PhD degree in: