What will I learn

A person holding machine parts
Photo: Oda Hveem
Master in Sustainable Manufacturing

What will I learn?

What you learn at Sustainable Manufacturing is based on current research in the field of Sustainable Manufacturing, as well as cases and examples from the industry.

What is sustainable manufacturing?

Sustainable Manufacturing is about developing sustainable processes, materials and products in manufacturing. We need to integrate knowledge about energy and resource efficiency, digital technologies, economy and innovation in order to manufacture sustainable products and services.

Do you want cutting edge competencies in developing tomorrow’s solutions?

Technology and beyond

The manufacturing industry is on the brink of what many call the so-called fourth industrial revolution. The introduction of the industrial internet of things includes new production methods and processes, products, digital technology and sustainability. You will gain in-depth knowledge about various digital technologies, theories and methods, which will enable you to map the sustainability of production processes and products.

Manufacturing is about more than technology, digitalization and automatization. Human competence and management also play a huge part in sustainable manufacturing. To succeed in the industry, you need to understand what is required to improve a process and develop a product, understand materials and communicate efficiently in teams.