Materials Science and Engineering

Master's Degree Programme, 5 years, Trondheim

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

About Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering is an interdisciplinary study programme, ranging from the production of aluminum, steel and silicon to the development of new materials for energy production and hydrogen storage. Materials are therefore an important priority area for the Norwegian industry. You will, as a graduated Materials technologist, be faced with exciting challenges in terms of environmentally friendly production and recycling of metals, advanced use of materials in offshore installations in the North Sea and the northern regions, as well as the development of new materials based on nanotechnology for environmentally-friendly utilization of our national energy resources.

The three main profiles offered are:

  • Resources, energy and environment
  • Materials Development and Properties
  • Materials for Energy Technology

Moreover, a further specialisation towards a master's degree happens in the fifth year by the selection of special subjects, projects and the master's thesis. The latter is connected to ongoing industrial and research projects.

Admission Samordna Opptak (sharing)


Language of instruction: Norwegian

You have to meet the Norwegian language requirements, or have a Scandinavian language as your mother tongue, if you want to  apply to any of NTNU's degree programmes.

You also must meet the basic requirement for admission, and demonstrate that you meet the English language requirements.

The application deadline for the programme is April 15th. Students apply through Samordna Opptak.


  • Study level: Master
  • Study programme: Materials Science and Engineering
  • Duration: Full-time
  • Credits: 300
  • Application code: 194755
  • Ordinary quota: 2019 56.4
  • Ordinary quota f. diploma: 2019 56.5
  • Unit: Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Application deadline: 15. april
  • Location: Trondheim

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