Ph.D. Hearings


The faculty organizes Ph.D. hearings for Ph.D. candidates after their first year and during their third/fourth year of the studies (depending of their contract). The main supervisor, the co-supervisor and an external opponent together with audience are present.

Candidates have the opportunity to present their project after the first year of study is done. The external opponent shall comment, ask questions, be critical and give advices to the candidate about his project work. Afterwards the main and co-supervisors together with the audience can ask questions and discuss.

Candidates who are in the last phase of their work also have hearings. The intention with these hearings is that the candidate presents a summary of the thesis and gives the candidate an opportunity to see how a defense could look like. Similar to the first year hearings, it is first the opponent who comments and gives advices to the candidate and then the supervisors together with the audience ask question and participate in the discussion.

Everyone is welcomed on the faculty’s hearings. Waffles, coffee and tea will be served.


Timeline of a ph.d.-hearing


  1. PhD student : 25 – 30 min presentation focusing on the problem statement, research issues and questions, research design, research plan, results or ongoing work
  2. External Opponent : Approx. 20 min. for comments and questions
  3. Supervisors and audience: Approx. 15 min for comments and questions