Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Joint PhD-programme in Behaviour and Health

– Completion phase

Thesis Production, submission and examination 

The Joint Academic Committee/Joint Management Committee will, on recommendation from the supervisors and/or departments, approve the thesis to be submitted for external examination. In accordance with the agreement between the two universities, the specific process of examination will be consistent with the rules and regulations of the home institution as set out in § 3.1 in the agreement.

The form which the thesis takes, and the methods of assessment and examination, will be determined by the rules governing thesis production, submission and examination which hold for the home university at any time. Independent of form, the thesis will be of an academic standard consistent with that required in the discipline as evidenced by contemporary publications in refereed journals of high international standing.

Appointed supervisors may not be members of the assessment committee or administrate its activities.

No restrictions may be placed on a PhD thesis being made publicly available.