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PhD in Chemistry

PhD Programme in Chemistry

About the Programme

Supervised doctorates are the highest degrees awarded by the University for research which is carried out under the immediate supervision of staff members. The education and training provided in these degree programmes are designed to produce graduates who have the capacity to conduct independent research that is both original and of high quality. At the completion of a doctoral programme, the graduate must be capable of conceiving, designing and carrying out a research programme without supervision.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is awarded after examination of a thesis. The original contribution to knowledge required of candidates must be consistent with at least three years of supervised research and significant parts of the work should be worthy of publication at international levels.

The Department of Chemistry carries out both basic (or curiosity-driven) research and applied research within the following disciplines: organic chemistry, theoretical chemistry as well as studies in environmental and analytical chemistry. Project within medical technology, energy conversion, nano-technology, marine chemistry and polar chemistry represents some examples of our multidisciplinary research topics.

Subject Areas

A more detailed description of ongoing research activities at the department can be found at the Department of Chemistry.


PhD chemistry


Degree: Philosophiae doctor (PhD)
Duration: 3 years, 180 ECTS
Programme code: PHKJ
Language of instruction: English

City: Trondheim
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Sciences
Department: Department of Chemistry
Contact person: Knut M. Tjørstad