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The PhD education has a nominal duration of 3 years of full-time study (180 credits), and includes required coursework or similar academic training comprising a minimum of 30 credits. The most important component of the PhD education is an independent piece of research carried out under active academic supervision.

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Conditions for admission

  • Qualifications

    Applicants for the PhD programmes at the Faculty of Natural Sciences must have a relevant master's degree or equivalent education, with a strong academic record. The Faculty may approve other, comparable qualifications as the basis for admission.

    Applicants are required to have a weighted average grade of B or higher (in accordance with NTNU's grading system) in the two last years of their master's degree (equivalent to 120 ECTS).

  • Funding

    Before you can apply for admission to one of the PhD programmes, the funding of the study period, including running costs, must be confirmed.

    Read more about funding requirements at NTNU

  • Recidency requirement

Candidates with external funding or an external workplace must reside at NTNU for at least one year of their PhD education.


How to apply


There are no fixed application deadlines for these programmes.

Application form for admission to the PhD programme (doc)

  • Plan for academic training

    As a part of the application form, a plan for academic training must be described.

    Requirements for the academic training plan at the NV faculty

    As a PhD candidate you normally do not have the right or obligation to pay a semester fee. However, PhD candidates who take courses not included in their required coursework must pay the semester fee. If you want to take courses not included in your PhD study, you have to apply for this using Søknadsweb. When your application is granted you should be able to generate the invoice in Studentweb. If you encounter problems with this, please send an email to studentweb@adm.ntnu.no.

  • Project description

    A complete or preliminary project description must be submitted together with the application.

    A complete project description (5-10 pages) must be submitted no later than six months after admission and should include:

    • Statement of the topic, viewed in light of international research in the field, with references to literature.
    • Amplify the approach to the problem. What are the aims of the scientific examinations undertaken? Which methods will be used?
    • Risk evaluation of the project.
    • Time schedule for the study

After acceptance



General questions concerning PhD studies

Anne Sæther - Faculty of Natural Sciences

Bjørn F. Syvertsen - Biophysics and Physics

Elin S. I. Kaasen - Materials Science and Engineering

Lise Skorstad - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Maja C. Haaker - Biology and Biotechnology

Application deadlines

There are no fixed application deadlines for these programmes.

Application forms