Research at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Research at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

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The research at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV) addresses global challenges in energy, climate, environment, food, water, health and welfare.

Our research activities range from basic research within biology, physics and chemistry, to enabling technologies such as biotechnology, materials technology and nanotechnology.

Research infrastructure NV

Research infrastructure serving NTNU

NTNU NanoLab. Photo

NTNU NanoLab

NTNU NanoLab is one of 4 cleanrooms within "The Norwegian Micro- and Nanofabrication Facility", NorFab. The facility is open for students and scientists at NTNU, as well as external researchers.

Gunnerus Research Vessel outside of Munkholmen. Photo

R/V Gunnerus

Gunnerus Research Vessel is equipped with the latest technology for a variety of research activities within biology, technology, geology, archaeology, oceanography and fisheries research.

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NTNU's Centre of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SeaLab) provides a common arena and building for the research groups with focus on aquaculture, fisheries and the processing of marine resources.

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Research groups

in various research areas at eight NV departments



Centres of Excellence and Research-based Innovation


NTNU Infrastructures

NTNU NanoLab, R/V Gunnerus and SeaLab hosted by NV


PhD graduates

from NV that received their diploma for completed PhD in 2020

SFF hosted by NV

Norwegian Centres of Excellence (SFF)

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Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD) has a vision to develop an interdisciplinary centre for research into changes in time and space of biological diversity at different organismal levels.

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PoreLab - The Porous Media Laboratory focuses on the physics of porous media using experimental, theoretical and computational methods.

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The Center for Quantum Spintronics (QuSpin) has a vision to trigger a revolution in low-power information and communication technologies in an energy-efficient society.


Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI)

Two researchers with safety equipment in the melting hall. Photo

Metal Production

Metal Production aims to enable industrial innovation and give the industry long term access to world class fundamental competence and candidates

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industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation (iCSI) has a vision to establish a platform that promotes energy efficiency and optimum raw material utilization.

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Subsea Production and Processing (SUBPRO) is a centre within subsea production and processing working with important industrial players in the subsea field.

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Centre for Sustainable and Competitive Metallurgical and Manufacturing Industry (PhysMet) is a centre in the field of physical metallurgy.


Research at NV departments

Research at NV

Research at NV


Marianne Bjordal Havnes. PhotoMarianne Bjordal Havnes
Head of the Research and Innovation section

PhD education

PhD education

The PhD education trains independent researchers on an international level, in interaction with international research environments.

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