Public defence and trial lecture

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Public defence and trial lecture

Before the defence

  • Trial lecture

A prescribed subject for the public trial lecture will be announced 10 working days prior to the day of the lecture. The trial lecture and public defence is normally given on the same day.

The subject for the public trial lecture will be forwarded to your NTNU e-mail address unless you specifically ask for it to be sent elsewhere. Please notify the faculty at if another email address is preferred. The subject can also be collected at the Faculty's administration office.

  • Auditorium and equipment

Make sure to check that the auditorium and the equipment is in order the day before the public defence.

After the defence

  • Update your contact details

    • Remember to inform your department about new addresses (home and work address) and email. (The department registers the new address in the student database FS)
    •  Remember to register at NTNU Alumni
  • Conferment of the degree

The PhD Degree is conferred by the Faculty on the basis of the examination form, the organised training and the report from the Evaluation Committee. You will receive a letter confirming that the PhD degree has been awarded and a doctoral degree certificate will be issued shortly thereafter.

  • Doctoral degree awards ceremony

Doctoral degree diplomas are handed out at the doctoral degree awards ceremony twice a year. Invitations to the Award Ceremony will be sent through NTNU Alumni or by e-mail, so it is important that NTNU has your correct e-mail address even after the degree has been completed.


Application forms

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