Submission of PhD thesis

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Submission of PhD thesis

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Application for assessment

The PhD thesis must be submitted with an application for an assessment of the thesis. This must be done 9 weeks before the planned date for the public defence.

Use the application form specific for the NV faculty. The form should be sent to the Department.


  • Pre-printed version of your PhD thesis (in a form and number specified by your Department)
  • Documentation of required permissions (if relevant. E.g. concerning ethical issues, immaterial rights)
  • Documentation that the required coursework/organized academic training is completed (provided by the Department).
  • Statement from Co-Author (PDF)

Here is an example of what you can write in terms of authorship:


I performed all work on which this thesis is based. (Name) contributed significantly to the planning and running of the experiment in paper I, and (Name) and (Name) contributed to the planning of the experiments in paper II, III and IV and where involved in the final stages of writing for all the papers in the thesis


Printing of the PhD thesis

When the assessment committee has determined that the thesis is worthy of being defended for the PhD degree, the thesis should be printed.

Before printing, you must provide an ISBN-number

Printing offices

NTNU Grafisk senter or Skipnes Kommunikasjon



Public availability

All doctoral dissertations should be archived in NTNU Open.
Read more about publishing. See more information on publishing your dissertation in NTNU Open.

 A printed copy of the thesis is to be handed in at the Natural Science Library (Realfagsbiblioteket in Realfagbygget). If your thesis is not yet printed, you can submit a temporary version.

The thesis is to be made public no later than three weeks prior to the defence. The thesis should be made available in the form it was submitted for assessment, or following revisions made on the basis of the committee’s comments.


Popularised summary

The PhD candidate must submit a short, popularised summary of the thesis to the Faculty. The Faculty will publish the summary and public announcement on the NTNU events calendar.




Who does what in the final phase

PhD Candidate, supervisor, the Department and the Faculty: who does what (link to NTNU internal webpages)



Application forms

Application forms