During the PhD period

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During the PhD period

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Registration for exams

Doctoral candidates must register every semester for examination through Student Web. Candidates are recommended to check their registrations well ahead of the day of the examination.

Deadlines for registrations

  • February 1 (spring semester)
  • September 15 (autumn semester)

Note that you must be formally admitted to a PhD programme before you can register for courses.
Also note that an identity card is mandatory on the day of examination.

More information about exam rules at NTNU

NTNU uses the e-learning system It's Learning, as a way for students and teachers to communicate.

Changes in the academic training plan

If you need to make changes in your academic training plan:  

Progress report

PhD candidates are required to deliver an annual progress report to the Faculty, comparing progress to date with the PhD plan. The report will be treated confidentially. The supervisor does not have right to access the candidate's report. The candidate's supervisor delivers a similar report about the candidate's progress.

The candidates will receive an electronic form for the report by e-mail during the fall semester.


Leave of absence

Leave of absence may be granted for maternity/paternity leave, illness and for other reasons. Doctoral candidates not employed by the faculty must apply for prolongation of their study right.
Relevant application forms


The PhD candidate, the supervisor and the Department

Roles, responsibilities and duties between the PhD candidate, the supervisor and the Head of Department.

The following up of a PhD Candidate. Parties involved, the responsibilities and duties. (pdf)


Application forms

Application forms




DION is the doctoral candidates' lobby group at NTNU. They can assist you with issues relating to rights, supervision, required duties and legal questions. 

Read more about DION