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Studier PHD-faktaboks

The aim of the PhD programme in Social Sciences is to prepare PhD candidates for a career in research and higher education, as well as for other work that requires advanced scientific expertise and analytical skills.

The PhD programme in Social Sciences includes the following specializations:

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PhD is a three-year study that normally builds on a five-year master’s degree or equivalent. The study includes required coursework comprising a minimum of 30 credits and an independent scientific research project presented in a scientific thesis.

The required coursework and the research project are carried out simultaneously, but it is recommended that the required coursework is completed early in the programme. The coursework must be completed before you may submit the PhD thesis for assessment.

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A PhD is the highest level of formalized education in Norway.

A doctoral degree from NTNU qualifies you to a range of positions both in the private and public sector.

Though academia has traditionally been considered the main career path for doctors, an increasing number is going into leading positions in the private and public sector.

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To be admitted to the PhD programme applicants must have a master’s degree of 120 credits in one of the subject areas covered by the programme’s specializations, and the degree must include a substantial independent piece of work equivalent to a master’s thesis (minimum 30 credits). Based on a special assessment, the Faculty may approve other, comparable qualifications as the basis for admission.

A grade point average of B or better from the master’s degree programme or equivalent education is required in terms of NTNU’s grading scale. Applicants with no letter grades from previous studies must have an equally good academic foundation. Applications for admission must be considered by the PhD committee for each specialization. The Dean makes the final decision on admission.

For more information about the criteria for admission and the requirement for the application for admission, please see the supplementary guidelines to the PhD regulations at the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences.

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