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Social Sciences

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Programme components

The PhD programme in Social Sciences includes the following specializations:

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The PhD programme consists of the following elements:

  • project description
  • scientific and academic dissemination
  • organized academic training
  • thesis

Programme description

Programme structure

In the application, the candidate must provide a plan for completion of the organized academic training in consultation with the supervisor(s).

The Faculty approves the individual candidate’s required academic training based on the recommendation of the supervisor and the Department. It is recommended that the training be completed early in the programme. On their own initiative, candidates must register for assessment in courses by the specified deadlines. For procedures for enrolment in courses and approval of external training/courses, see the Faculty’s website.  

The organized academic training component must cover at least 30 credits in total. Applications to make changes in the approved training plan are decided based on the supervisor’s recommendation. 

The structure of the organized academic training provides room for flexibility tailored to the candidate's needs and the project arrangements, but must include the following three elements: 

  • Philosophy of science, at least 5 credits   
  • Methodology, at least 5 credits
  • Thematic courses, at least 5 credits.

See the Faculty’s website for further information about requirements for organized academic training in the various specializations.

The PhD thesis can either be delivered in the form of a monograph or as a collection of articles.