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Krysspublisert artikkel på begge program (fra SV) - About the courses

The Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences offers numerous PhD courses. Please find the full list of courses below. Click on the course title for more information about a specific course. If you want to view all PhD courses available at NTNU you can search in Courses A-Z.

PhD candidates at NTNU must register their courses in Studentweb before 15 September for the Autumn semester and 1 February for the Spring semester. PhD candidates do not pay the semester fee. 

Not a PhD candidate at NTNU but want to take one of our PhD Courses? 

External PhD candidates or other with required prerequisite knowledge may apply for PhD courses through NTNU Søknadsweb.

Krysspublisert artikkel på begge program (fra SV) - Ph.d.-emner i samfunnsvitenskap

Social Sciences - PhD Courses
Course code Course title Responsible department*
SFEL8000 Philosophy of Science for the Social Sciences SU
GEOG8000 Theoretical Perspectives in Geography 1 IGE
GEOG8001 Theoretical Perspectives in Geography 2 IGE
GEOG8523 GIS Data Capture and Mapping 2 IGE
PSY8002 Risk Perception and Risk Communication IPS
PSY8003 Multivariate Quantitative Research Methods IPS
PSY8005 Human Psychophysiology: High-Density EEG Analysis     IPS
PSY8006 Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling IPS
PSY8007 Dissemination of Research IPS
PSY8010 Individually Selected Text - Theory IPS
PSY8011 Individually Selected Text - Research Methods IPS
SANT8004 PhD Course in Ethnographic Method SA
SANT8006 PhD Course in Ethnographic Method 2 SA
SARB8008 Ethnicity and Diversity ISA
SARB8010 Social Exclusion ISA
SARB8016 Current Issue ISA
SARB8018 Individually Selected Syllabus ISA
SARB8019 User Involvement in Different Forms and Different Contexts ISA
POL8502 Causes of War ISS
POL8503 International Political Economy ISS
POL8507 Policy Analysis ISS
POL8508 Foreign Policy ISS
POL8509 Media, Opinion and Political Behaviour ISS
POL8513 Political Economy ISS
POL8514 Qualitative Methods and The Study of Civil War ISS
POL8519 The Rise and Decline of Great Powers ISS
POL8520 The European Union - Rural and Regional Political Economy ISS
POL8521 Comparative Health Policy ISS
SOS8003 Applied Social Statistics ISS
SOS8007 Qualitative Research Methods ISS
SOS8530 Social Interaction ISS
SOS8532 International Perspectives on Work and Welfare State ISS
SOS8533 Modern Media and Digitalization ISS
SOS8534 Inequalities, Welfare and Integration ISS
SOS8535 Advanced statistical analysis in social sciences ISS
SOS8536 Theorizing and Theoretical Strategies in Social Research ISS

*Responsible department
SU - Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences
GEO - Department of Geography
IPS - Department of Psychology
SA - Department of Social Anthropology
ISA - Department of Social Work
ISS - Department of Sociology and Political Science

Krysspublisert artikkel på begge program (fra SV) - Ph.d.-emner i utdanningsvitenskap

Educational Sciences - PhD Courses
Course code Course title Responsible department*
SFEL8000 Philosophy of Science for the Social Sciences SU
PED8007 Perspectives on Bildung without paper IPL
PED8008 Perspectives on Bildung IPL
PED8009 Dynamic Literacies (with paper) IPL
PED8010 Dynamic Literacies (without paper) IPL
PED8012 Social Construction: Theory and Practice IPL
PED8013 Social Construction: Theory and Practice with paper IPL
PED8016 PhD course in Collaborative Research IPL
BARN8101 Social Studies of Children and Childhood: Research Perspectives IPL
BARN8200 Methodology in Child and Childhood Research IPL
BARN8206 Narrative Methods in Child- and Youth Research IPL
PLU8012 Applied Quantitative Research Methods of Analysis ILU
PLU8013 Theories of Science and Research Ethics, Oriented Towards Education Research ILU
PLU8014 Academic Writing ILU
PLU8017 Distribution of Research ILU
PLU8018 Profession Theory for Teacher Educators ILU
PLU8021 Qualitative Analysis 1 ILU
PLU8022 Qualitative Analysis 2 ILU
PLU8025 Democracy and Citizenship in Education ILU
PLU8027 Teacher Education Research ILU
LOS8010 Individually Selected Text – Theory ILU
LOS8019 Organisational learning and knowledge development in organisations ILU
LOS8030 Perspectives on Science and Technology Education ILU
LOS8031 Text in Educational Contexts: Theoretical Perspectives & Analytical Approaches ILU
LOS8032 Assessment and Evaluation in Education: Policy, Research, and Practice ILU
LOS8033 Doing Research with the Arts as methodological Practice ILU
LOS8034 Contemporary Research in Early Childhood Education and Care ILU

* Responsible department:
SU - Faculty of Social and Educational Sicences
IPL - Department of Education and Lifelong Learning
ILU - Department of Teacher Education