The sample preparation laboratory

The sample preparation laboratory

The research group has a broad range of specimen preparation equipment for different materials and geometries.

The lab is located at Department of Physics in Realfagbygget B4-106. Additionally some sample preparation equipment is located at Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the plasma- and UV/Ozone cleaners for contamination removal is placed in the preparation room close to the microscopes in the Chemistry building K1.


The sample preparation equipment

The sample preparation equipment

Tripod polisher

Allied multiprep grinder/polishing system


Struers Tenupole 3 twin jet electropolisher

Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

FEI FIB200 access at NTNU Nanolab


RMC PowerTome and Reichert-Jung Ultracut FC4 and E

Plasma Cleaner

Fischinone 1020 Plasma Cleaner

Ultraviolet/ozone cleaner

Novascan ultra-violet/ozone surface decontamination instrument

Diamond saws

SBT 650 low speed diamond wheel saw, Struers Accutom-50 diamond saw (high speed)

Disc cutters/punchers

Gatan 601 ultrasonic disc cutter, Gatan 659 disc puncher

Rotary grinders

Struers RotoPol-27, Struers Knuth-Rotor 2 and Struers DP-U2

Dimple grinders

Gatan 656 and Fischione 2000 specimen preparation system

Light microscopes

Olympus BX60 and Olympus SZ60


Carbolite CWF 1200, Termaks drying oven


Various grids, glues, waxes and chemicals for TEM sample preparations, TEM sample storage boxes etc.







Bjørn Gunnar Soleim

Senior Engineer




Emil Christiansen

Senior Engineer



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Takeshi Saito working in the sample preparation laboratory. Photo