Catalysis and membrane materials

Catalysis and membrane materials


Catalysis is an important area of application for TEM, and the Centre has strong interaction with the national catalysis environment, including NTNU Chemical Engineering department.

The new SFI, Industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation (iCSI) for a Competitive and Sustainable process Industry, will provide a platform, including industrial contact, for applying TEM in catalysis.

Examples of research areas where we have contributed

  • Degradation of steels by metal dusting corrosion during exposure to synthesis gas
  • Carbon supported alloy systems, supercapacitors and doped carbon nanofibers
  • Development of catalyst systems for biomass conversion.
  • TEM-analysis of Pd-based hydrogen storage membranes



22 Mar 2017



Per Erik VullumPer Erik Vullum

Senior Research Scientist


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