PhD theses by students at the TEM Gemini Centre

Doctoral- and master theses at TEM Gemini Centre


PhD theses


  1. Jonas Frafjord, 2020, Atomistic scale modelling of defects in aluminium alloys

  2. Aleksander Mosberg, 2020, Lab-in-a-FIB - Focused Ion Beam Technique Development For Functional Material Systems

  3. Adrian Lervik, 2020, Microstructural characteriastion of features related to grain boundary corrosion phenomena in aluminium alloys

  4. Jonas K. Sunde, 2020, The effect of elevated temparetures on precipitation in aluminium alloys

  5. Julie Stene Nilsen, 2020, Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy of III-V Nanowires
  6. Emil Christiansen, 2019, Nanoscale Characterisation of Deformed Aluminium Alloys
  7. Maryam Vatanparast, 2019, Advanced TEM studies of quantum dot based intermediate band solar cell materials
  8. Vidar Fauske, 2016, Electron microscopy based characterization of semiconductor nanowires.
  9. Magnus Nord, 2016, EELS and STEM studies of perovskite oxide heterostructures.
  10. Eva Anne Mørtsell, 2016, Precipitation in multicomponent, lean, Al-Mg-Si alloys : A transmission electron microscopy study.
  11. Jon Holmestad, 2015, (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of Grain Boundary Segregation relevant to Intergranular Corrosion in Al-Mg-Si-Cu Alloys
  12. Astrid Marie F. Muggerud, 2014, TEM studies of dispersoids and consistuent phases in Al-Mn-Fe-Si alloys
  13. Takeshi Saito, 2014, The effect of trace elements on precipitation in Al-Mg-Si alloys - A transmission electron microscopy study
  14. Sigurd Wenner, 2014, Transmission electron microscopy and muon spin relaxation studies of precipitation in Al-Mg-Si alloys.
  15. Hanne Kauko, 2013, Quantitative Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies on Heterostructured GaAs Nanowires.
  16. Maulid Mohamed Kivambe, 2012, Dislocations in Multicrystalline Silicon for Solar Cells – Microstructure and sources.
  17. Roya Dehghan-Niri, 2012, Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of Cobalt Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts.
  18. Katharina Teichmann, 2012, The effect of deformation on precipitation and precipitation hardening in Aluminium alloys.
  19. Jelena Todorovic, 2012, Correlated transmission electron microscopy and micro-photoluminescence studies of GaAs-based heterostructured semiconductor nanowires.
  20. Malin Torsæter, 2011, Quantitative studies of clustering and precipitation in Al-Mg-Si(-Cu) alloys.
  21. Espen Eberg, 2011, Interface effects in PbTiO3 thin films and nanostructures : a transmission electron microscopy study.
  22. Ruben Bjørge, 2011, Scanning transmission electron microscopy studies of precipitation in Al-Mg-Ge alloys.
  23. Ida Westermann, 2011, Work-hardening behaviour in age-hardenable Al-Zn-Mg(-Cu) alloys.
  24. Ragnhild Sæterli, 2010, Electronic structure of thermoelectric and ferroelectric materials – Advanced transmission electron microscopy studies.
  25. Wakshum Mekonnen Tucho, 2009, Self-supported, thin Pd/Ag membranes for Hydrogen separation - Microstructure and permeation studies.
  26. Heidi Nordmark, 2009, Micostructure studies of silicon for solar cells - Defects, impurities and surphase morphology.
  27. Håkon K. Hasting, 2006, Clustering and precipitation in 6xxx Al alloys - TEM and APT studies.
  28. Per Erik Vullum, 2005, Ferroelastic LaCoO3-based Polycrystalline Ceramics. A Transmission Electron Microscopy and X-ray Diffraction Study.
  29. Carmen Andrei, 2004, Electron microscopy studies of Materials used for hydrogen storage.
  30. Jesper Friis, 2003, Quantitative Convergent Bean Electron Diffraction and Charge density Studies.
  31. Anders Frøseth, 2003, Atomistic/electronic modelling of precipitation phases in Al-Mg-Si alloys.
  32. Calin Daniel Marioara, 2001, A TEM Study of the Precipitates in a 6082 Al-Mg-Si Alloy System.
  33. Knut Lie, 2000, Experimental and ab initio Transmission EELS Near edge fine Structure.
  34. Sonia Faaland, 2000, Heterogeneous ceramic interfaces in solid oxide fuel cells and dense oxygen permeable membranes.
  35. Yan Tang, 1999, Quantification of low Mg and Si concentrations and Mg diffusion in Al.
  36. Inger Lindseth, 1999, Optical total refelectance, near-surface microstructure, and topgraphy of rolled aluminium materials.
  37. Christophe R. Birkeland, 1997, Quantitative Methods in Electron Diffraction and Microscopy.
  38. Gunnar Pettersen, 1997, Development of Microstructure during Sintering and Aluminium Exposure of Titanium Diboride Ceramics.
  39. Grethe Waterloo, 1996, Rapidly Solidified Aluminium Alloys-Microstructure and Thermal Stability.
  40. Randi Holmestad, 1994, Quantitative Electron Diffraction. Energy Filtering and Studies of bonding effects in TiAl.
  41. Katrin Nord-Varhaug, 1994, Titanium Diboride. Interfacial Microstructure and Wettability by Liquid Aluminium.
  42. Shao Xiong Zhou, 1993, Rare Earth-Iron-Boron Based Permanent Magnetic Materials.
  43. Asgeir Bardal, 1991, Intefaces in aluminium-silicon carbide composites. Investigations by TEM.
  44. Sigmund Jarle Andersen, 1990, Quasicrystals and intermetallic phases in rapidly quenched aluminium alloys.
  45. Knut Marthinsen, 1986, Theoretical and experimental investigations of dynamical many-beam effects in selected X-ray and electron diffraction experiments.
  46. Alv Aanestad, 1979, Investigations of some many beam cases in X-ray diffraction using dynamical plane wave theory.
27 Apr 2021

Master - and project theses

Master - and project theses


Master theses


  • Ragna Bakke, Transmission electron microscopy based characterization of CdTe–HgTe core–shell semiconductor nanowires (Supervisor Sigurd Wenner)

  • Sigrid Wanvik Haugen, Structural and Optical Characterization of AlGaN Nanostructures for UV-LEDs by Correlated Electron Microscopy (Supervisor Ton van Helvoort)

  • Endre Jacobsen, Scanning Precession Electron Diffraction Template Matching for Automated Phase Mapping of Precipitates in 6xxx Aluminium Alloys (Supervisor Ton van Helvoort)

  • Hanne Mørkeseth, The effect of Fe and Mn on precipitation in an Al-Cu-Mg-Si alloy (Supervisor Randi Holmestad)

  • Eirik Opheim, Evaluating template matching for orientation analysis based on electron diffraction (Supervisor Ton van Helvoort)

  • Øystein Rolstad, Orientation effects on energy dispersive spectroscopy in TEM (Supervisor Ton van Helvoort)

  • Tor Inge Thorsen, Heterostructured GaAs/GaAsSb nanowires characterized by scanning precession electron microscopy (Supervisor Ton van Helvoort)

  • Hursanay Turgun, Electron Microscopy Characterization of Aluminium-Copper-Titanium-Steel Joint made using the Hybrid Metal Extrusion & Bonding Method (Supervisor Per Erik Vullum)

  • Haakon Tvedt, AutomAl 6000: Semi-automatic structural labeling of HAADF-STEM images of precipitates in Al-Mg-Si-(Cu) alloys (Supervisor Randi Holmestad)


  • Yngve Maxmillian Ender, 2019, Characterization of particles from dissolved 5049 aluminum alloys, and the microstructure from billet to extruded and drawn tubes.
  • Ingvild Hansen, 2019, Correlated Structural and Optical Characterisation of Individual AlGaN Nanowires on Graphene.
  • Kasper Aas Hunnestad, 2019, Visualizing Ferroelectric Domain Structures in ErMnO3 and Pb5Ge3O11 by Electron Microscopy.
  • Simon Høgås, 2019, Improvements to nm scale crystal phase and orientation mapping by physical model comparison.
  • Daniel Martin Lundeby, 2019, Improving the accuracy of TEM-EDX quantification by implementing the zeta-factor method.
  • Gregory Nordahl, T2019, Transmission electron microscopy characterization of heat treatment effects in additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V.
  • Jørgen Sørhaug, 2019, TEM characterization of tungsten implanted silicon - A study of a potential intermediate band solar cell material.
  • Edwin Traore, 2019, Characterization of BTO thin films by electron diffraction techniques.


  • Susanne Araya, 2018, Study of solid state phase transformations and precipitation in Ti-6Al-4V exposed to thermal cycling in additive manufacturing process.
  • Elise Otterlei Brenne, 2018, Atomic Resolution 3D Reconstruction of Crystal Grain Boundaries.
  • Johanna Neumann, 2018, The interface between graphene glass and self-catalyzed GaAsSb Nanowires.
  • Inger-Emma Nylund, 2018, Electron Microscopy Characterization of III-Nitride Nanowires grown on Graphene.
  • Sigurd Ofstad, 2018, A Theoretic Study of β’’ Misfits and Strain in Al-Mg-Si Alloys - A Cluster-Based Approach Combining Density Functional Theory and Linear Elasticity.
  • Elisabeth Thronsen, 2018, The effect of deformation and natural ageing in an Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloy with high Cu-content: A transmission electron microscopy study.
  • Andreas Toresen, 2018, Transmission Electron Microscopy Characterisation of Lead-Free KNN Thin Films.


  • Håkon W. Ånes, 2017, Characterisation of photochromic oxygen-containing yttrium hydride by electron microscopy 
  • Øyvind Paulsen 2017, Transmission electron microscopy study of two peak hardened Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys
  • Inger-Emma Nylund, 2017, Electron microscopy characterisation of GaN nanowires grown on graphene glass
  • Steinar Myklebost, 2017, Developing quantitative image processing of scanning electron microscopy data sets to evaluate nanowire growth
  • Hogne Lysne, 2017, 3D TEM characterization of silver implanted silicon for intermediate band solar cells
  • Jochen Busam, 2017, TEM characterization of quartz


  • Ingrid Marie Andersen, 2017, TEM characterization of III-V nanowires for laser applications
  • Philip Østli, 2016, Density Functional Theory Studies of Precipitate Interfaces in Aluminium Alloys, with Focus on Theta'-Al2Cu
  • Jonas K. Sunde, 2016, Scanning precession electron diffraction study of 2xxx series aluminium alloys exhibiting several coexisting strengthening phases
  • Theodor S. Holstad, 2016, Characterisation of BaTiO3/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films on SrTiO3(111) substrates – A transmission electron microscopy study
  • Trond R. Henninen, 2016, Chemical Vapour Deposition and Electron Microscopy Analysis of Graphene
  • Andreas Gramannslund, 2016, Refinement of the ζ-factor Method for Quantitative Energy-Dispersive Xray Spectroscopy in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Tina Bergh, 2016, Transmission Electron Microscopy Characterization of Sintered and Hot-Pressed Silicon Carbide


  • Emil Christiansen, 2015, "TEM Characterization of LaFeO3 Thin Films on SrTiO3 Substrates".
  • J. Larsen, 2015, "TEM of Chromium doped Zinc Sulfide Thin Films for Solar Cell Applications".
  • Aleksander B. Mosberg, 2105, "Characterization of AlGaAs shell structure in GaAs/AlGaAs Core-shell Nanowires".


  • Hanne Grydeland, 2014, "Characterization of Bioaerosols using Electron Microscopy with Special Emphasis on Airborne Bacteria", external work at FFI.
  • Ørjan Berntsen, 2014, "Investigation of Co2AlO4/CeO2 Catalyst for N2O Abatement using Electron Microscopy Techniques".
  • Maximilian Erbeck, 2014, "Probing the electronic properties of p-doped gallium arsenide nanowires".
  • Trond R. Henninen, 2014, "Characterization of CVD grown graphene" (preliminary title).
  • Julie Stene Nilsen, 2014, "Position controlled growth of GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell nanowires - more uniform structural and optical properties?".
  • Eivind Seim, 2014, "TEM characterization of Cr-doped ZnS Thin Films for Solar Cell applications".
  • Espen Undheim, 2014, "Transmission electron microscopy characterization of quantum dot based intermediate band solar cells".


  • Sethulakshmy Jayakumary, 2013, The effects of Be doping on the structure of Ga and Au-assisted GaAs-based heterostructured semiconductor nanowires
  • Andrea Klubicka, 2013, TEM study of GaAs/GaAsSb core-shell Nanowires 
  • Ingrid Snustad, 2013, Selective examination of optically and structurally separable parts within GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell nanowires by micro-photoluminescence and transmission electron microscopy


  • Jason Granholt, 2012, Precipitate Structure Changes during Overaging in an Al-Mg-Si Alloy
  • Eva A. Mørtsell, 2012, Dispersion hardening during annealing at low temperatures in four 3xxx Al-Mn-Fe-Si alloys
  • Amund Utne, 2012, Hardness and Microstructure for Ge-Containing Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys


  • Martin Ervik, 2011, Microstructural studies of Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys with respect to corrosion
  • Fredrik Martinsen, 2011, Clustering during Natural Aging and its Effect on Precipitation Hardening in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
  • Magnus Nord, 2011, Transmission electron microscopy characterisation of quantum dot intermediate band solar cell materials
  • Vidar Fauske, 2011, Electron Microscopy characterization of the interface between a 111-Si Substrate and GaAs Nanowires grown by Self-Catalysis by MBE
  • Halfdan K. Småbråten, 2011, Characterization of precipitates at maximum hardness and overaged  conditions in Al-Mg-Si alloys
  • Tadelle Abriha Haddush, 2010, SEM microstructure study and Hardness evaluation of Al-Mg-Si (Ge)(6XXX) alloys
  • Astrid Marie F Muggerud, 2010, Electron microscopy studies and microanalysis of front contact interfaces in silicon solar cell materials
  • Johannes Tveit, 2010, TEM Characterization of ZnO nanostructures to be utilized in organic/inorganic solar cells
  • Jan Fredrik Helgaker, 2010, Microstructure and hardness evolution during aging of two 6xxx Al alloys
  • Jon Holmestad, 2009, High temperature stability of Al-Mg-Si alloys
  • Martin Resell, 2009, Studies of precipitates in Al-Mg-Si-Ge Alloy
  • Mari Ellefsen Horvli, 2009, Crystal defect studies of Silicon for solar cells - Scanning and transmission electron microscopy
  • Hari Sah, 2009, Surface Studies of as-cut Silicon for solar cells
  • Borgny Hynne, 2008, Applications of Auger microscopy to silicon solar cell materials
  • Sondre Grønsberg, 2008, Transmission Elecyron microscopy Characterisation of GaAs nanowires with GaAsSb insert
  • Arnhild Jacobsen, 2008, Transport in Graphene nanostructures
  • Are Sæbø, 2008, Preciputation in Al-Mg-Si)-Cu) alloys
  • Kim Rune Bakken, 2006/2008, The effect of mechanical deformation in Al-Mg-Si(-Cu) alloys
  • Suresh Prasad Gupta, 2006/2008, TEM studies of quantum dot materials for intermediate band solar cells
  • Malin Torsæter, 2007, Crystal structure determinastion of the c-type plate precipitatein Al-Mg-Si-Cu Alloys
  • Liviu Holt, 2007, TEM characterization of Ga Sb nanocones
  • Anton Nordstrøm, 2007, TEM characterization of Equillibrium Precipitates in Al-Mg-Si (Cu-Ni) alloys
  • Åsmund Almli, 2007, Sample preparation and TEM characterization of ferroelectric lead titanate nanostructures
  • Maulid Mohamed Kivambe, 2005/2007, Electron microscopy and microanalysis of multicrystalline Silicon Solar cells and solar cell materials.
  • Ragnhild Sæterli, 2006, TEM characterisation of lead titanate nanorods synthesized under hydrthermal conditions
  • Åsmund Monsen, 2006, TEM characterisation of LaFeO3 thin films
  • Asgeir Birkeland, 2006, Crystallographic orientations of silicon precipitates in aluminium alloys
  • Inger Marie Skoe, 2006, TEM/STEM studies of catalyst systems with Pt nanoparticles supported on carbon nanofibers
  • Elin Stubhaug, 2006, Investigation of dislocation clusters in solar cell graded silicon with TEM, ,
  • Tore N. Stene, 2005, HRTEM studier av utfellinger i AlMgSi(Cu)-legeringer
  • Torgeir Hansen, 2005, Calculations of elastic contants of precipitates in Al-Mg-Si alloys
  • Åsmund Furuseth, 2005, Multiwalled carbon nanotube: characterization after production by the arc discharge method
  • Lena C. Wennberg, 2005, Prøvepreparering med trpod for karakterisering av SRO tynnfilm i TEM
  • Lene H. Henriksen, 2005, Evaluering av energiproduksjon for konseptet 'Bølgeskjerm'
  • Bjørn Soleim, 2004, STEM-karakterisering av perovskitt-tynnfilmer
  • Morten Simonsen, 2004, Komparativ studie av teknikker for karakterisering av anodiske forbehandlingssjikt på aluminiumsoverflater
  • Egil Fjeldberg, 2004, Atomistic modelling of precipitates in Al-Mg-Si alloys,
  • Wakshum Mekkonen Tucho, 2003/2004, The effects of SiC and Si3N4 inclusions in Mulitcrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Performance
  • Rune Søndenå, 2003, Atomistic modelling of precipitates in Al-Mg-Si alloys
  • Heidi Nordmark, 2003, Post-Beta'' phases studied in TEM
  • Knut Olav Helleseng, 2003, Innvirkning av preparering av TEM-prøver for høyoppløsningsstudier av perovskitt-tynnfilmer
  • Maxwell Joe Mageto, 2002/2003, TEM study of microstructure in relation to hardness and ductility in AlMgSi (6xxx) alloys
  • Sigrun Haugen, 2002, Post-beta" Phases as a Function of Alloy Composition in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
  • Ingunn Oddsen, Spring 2000, Studier av HDDR-prosessen i TbNiAl
  • Live Rekvig, Spring 2000, Use of the MonteCarlo technique in the computation of free energy for the Al-Li system
  • Per Erik Vullum, 2000/2001, TEM-studier av perovskittsystemet La4Sr2Fe6O18-
  • Are Bäcklund, 2000/2001, Subkornstruktur og dispersoidefordeling i AlMgZn-legeringer
  • Calin Marioara, Spring 1996, Particle Governed Recovery in a Twin Roll cast Al-8006 alloy


Projects theses

  • Andreas Toresen, 2017, The search for lead-free piezoelectric materials - a TEM characterisation of KNN thin films
  • Elisabeth Thronsen, 2017, Natural ageing effect in a pre-deformed hybrid 6xxx/2xxx series aluminium alloy
  • Sigurd Ofstad, 2017, Frist principles study of the displacement field surrounding ß'' in aluminium - density functional calculations with boundary conditions defined by linear elasticity theory
  • Inger-Emma Nylund, 2017, Evaluation of energy-dispersive spectroscopy characteristics for improved compositional analysis
  • Johanna Neumann, 2017, Electron microscopy characterisation of GaAsSb nanowires on graphene glass
  • Susanne Araya, 2017, TEM investigations of microsctructure in additive manufactured areospace-grade titanium 
  • Håkon Wiik Ånes, 2016, Transmission Electron Microscopy Characterization of Hydride-based Smart Windows
  • Øyvind Paulsen, 2016, Effects of Germanium and Lithium in Al-Mg-Si alloys
  • Steinar Myklebost, 2016, Quantitative image processing of electron microscopy data sets
  • Hogne Lysne, 2016, Transmission electron microscopy of cellular breakdown in silver implanted silicon for intermediate band solar cells
  • Johannes Bogen, 2016, Data processing of multidimensional TEM data sets
  • Tina Bergh, 2015, TEM characterization of SiC powders.
  • Andreas Garmannslund, 2015, Processing multidimensional transmission electron microscopy data sets.
  • Theodor Secanell Holstad, 2015, TEM Characterization of BaTiO3 Thin Films on SrTiO3 (111) Substrates.
  • Jonas Sunde, 2015, Precipitation of Several Coexisting  Strengthening Phases in Aluminium Alloys.
  • Maximilian Erlbeck, 2013, Exploring FIB for NW circuit repair
  • Julie Stene Nilsen, 2013, The effect of the V/III ratio on the structural and optical of self-catalysed GaAs/AlGaAs core/shell nanowires
  • Ørjan Berntsen, 2013, Investigation of Co2AlO4 /CeO2 catalyst for N2O abatement using electron microscopy
  • Elisa Osmundsen, 2012, Effect of Zn on hardness, conductivity and microstructure of an Al-Mg-Si alloy
  • Ingrid Snustad, 2012, Correlated µ-PL and TEM characterization of self-catalyzed GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell nanowires
  • Jason Granholt, 2011, Study of microstructure evolution and change of precipitate structure during β" to post- β" phase transition
  • Eva Maria Gumbmann, 2011, Influence of pre-deformation on the age-hardening behavior in an Al-Mg-Si alloy (AA6082)
  • Amund Utne, 2012, "High Temperature Stability Tests of KK Alloys
  • Fredrik A. Martinsen, 2010, The effect of natural aging on Precipitation haderning in Al-Mg-Si alloys
  • Magnus F. Nord, 2010, Transmission electron microscopy characterisation of quantum dot intermediate band solar cell material
  • Vidar Fauske, 2010, Electron Microscopy Characterization of the Interface between Semiconductor Nanowires and Substrate
  • Martin Ervik, 2010, TEM and SEM studies of Al-Mg-Si alloys with respect to corrosion
  • Jon Holmestad, 2009, High-temperature stability of Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys
  • Martha Scheffler, 2009, TEM Caracterisation of Stacking Faults in Semiconductor Nanowires
  • Maarten Maathuis, 2009, Electron diffraction characterisation of twinned GaAsSb nanowires
  • Astrid Marie Muggerud, 2009, Microstructure studies of multicrystalline silicon solar cell materials
  • Jan Fredrik Helgaker, 2009, High temperature stability of Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys
  • Johannes Tveit, 2009, Characterization of ZnO nanostructures to be utilized in organic/inorganic solar cells
  • Astrid-Sofie Vardøy, 2008, Characterization of mc-silicon used in solar cells
  • Martin Resell, 2008, Ab initio Simulations of precipitates in Al-Mg-Si(-Ge) Alloys
  • Mari Ellefsen Horvli, 2008, Investigations of microstructures in multicrystalline silicon for solar cells – sample preparation and transmission electron microscopy
  • Nora Borghildur Kristjansdottir, 2007, TEM characterization of nanometer scale KxNbyOz type structures
  • Arnhild Jacobsen, 2007, Doping of Silicon surfaces for solar cell applications by Spin-On-Dopants project
  • Borgny Hynne, 2007,
  • Åsmund Almli, 2006, Lead titanate structures tudies with transmission electron microscopy
  • Malin Torsæter, 2006, Simulations and crystal structure refinements of precipitates in Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys
  • Liviu Holt, 2006, TEM analysis of catlysts used in gas-shiftreaction
  • Anton Nordsrøm, 2006, TEM studies of the equilibrium phase in Al-Mg-Si-(Cu) alloys
  • Lena C. Wennberg, 2005, Prøvepreparering for karakterisering av SRO tynnfilm i TEM
  • Asgeir Bikeland, 2005, TEM-studier av AlSi-legeringer med og uten Magnesium
  • Åsmund Monsen, 2005, Sample preparation and TEM studies of perovskite thin films
  • Ragnhild Sæterli, 2005, Complex alkali titanate structures studied with electron microscopy techniques
  • Lene H. Henriksen, 2004, Bølgekraft – vår nye fornybare energikilde?
  • Tore N. Stene, 2004, TEM-studier av AlMgSi-legeringer med og uten kopper
  • Bjørn Soleim, 2003, TEM.karakterisering av perovskitt tynnfilmer
  • Morten Simonsen, 2003, Characterisation of Aluminium Surfaces
  • Rune Søndenå, 2002, Atomistic/electronic modelling of precipitation phases in Al-Mg-Si alloys
  • Knut Olav Helleseng, 2002, Ferroelastiske keramer
  • Heidi Nordmark, 2002, Studier av fasetransformasjon i 6xxx Al-legeringer beta''-beta'
  • Are Bäcklund, 1999/2000, TEM-studier av utherdingsforløpet til en AlMgZn legering
  • Petter Bjørnstad, 1999/2000, TEM-studier av en utherdbar AlMgSi legering
  • Nils Ulrik Andersen, 1999/2000, Controlling temperature in a molecular model
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