Past projects

Redesign of VIKO (2015-2017)

VIKO (Your guide to information literacy) is an online course that provides help for handling references and searches. The project will totally renew VIKO. The goal is to provide content, which covers the need students have to write an academic text.

To reach the primary users, the students of NTNU, we will use the tool “Innsida”. We will also offer an external solution for everyone - mainly other universities and colleges. We are also in contact with the university school project who wish to use VIKO in high school.

Project managers: Marit Brodshaug and Harald Sandal Bøhn


The project ‘New website at NTNU UB (Nyweb)’ developed new web pages and a new publishing model for the NTNU University Library.

Digitization and coordination of the special collections at the Gunnerus Library and the Dora Library

The aim is to ensure that NTNU has constant access to the right knowledge sources by making historically unique documents (text, photos, archives) available digitally for research, programmes of study and dissemination.

Introduction of the new library system Alma

Local project at NTNU University Library for introduction of the new library system.

BIBSYS Library database in the Semantic Web

Semantic tools such as Linked Data (LD) are regarded as having great potential for solving the needs of libraries for increased exposure and contextualization of metadata. The project aims to gain further benefits from this by clarifying the best way of linking the Library Database and relevant authority files to the Semantic Web using Linked Data, thus offering content in a new format (RDF).


A digital laboratory, Creating an Interactive Library Experience. Further information on MUBIL’s blog


The aim of the project was to increase the use of online library services, develop new online services, and be a Norwegian leader in this area. UBIT_2010s sluttrapport [UBiT_2010's final report (PDF, in Norwegian)]

Just in time - a PDA project

Trying out new models for procurement of literature was the aim of the University Library’s project.

Linked Data - a network

In this collaborative project, the NTNU University Library, the University of Bergen Library and Bergen Public Library aimed to: ‘ a collaborative network in this area and develop a common understanding of processes, concepts and methods.’ As well as a useful and valuable network combined with even greater enthusiasm for Linked Data technologies, the project resulted in a demo of historical material from the national Sangerfesten choral festivals held in Bergen in 1863 and in Trondheim in 1883. Linked data - et nettverks sluttrapport [Linked data - final report on a network] (PDF, in Norwegian)

Rådata nå [Raw data now]

A one-year project that aimed to produce a linked data representation of the BIBSYS authority file. Funding was awarded in the first quarter of 2010, and work began later that year, culminating in a completed linked data representation of the authority file in the first quarter of 2011. Rådata nå's end project report (PDF, in English)

Universell [Universal]

Universell started as a universal design and accessibility project in cooperation with NTNU’s counselling services in 2009. The aim was to provide accessible study literature for students with special needs. To achieve this, a collaborative programme was developed between the counselling services for students with disabilities at NTNU and the University Library. The project began operating as a standard service in 2010.

Search services

The aim of the project was to clarify which information resources were covered by free search services and which procurement and registration measures could improve search coverage. A help service with an overview of available information resources was to be developed, as well as an introduction to information literacy. The project aimed to create operating procedures to enable the library to handle procurement and registration with free search tools in mind.


The aim of the project was to launch an e-curriculum service for NTNU’s academic environments, and to investigate which suppliers, platforms and services would be the best choices. The project was intended to build in-house skills as well as to market and test the service at NTNU and to determine the potential for covering subjects at NTNU. Final report on the e-curriculum project (PDF, in Norwegian)

23 Feb 2018