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Practical information

woman with winter jacket, mittens and warm sweater. Snow. Photo

How to dress in winter time in Norway

In winter time, and in February, the temperatures can differ between plus 5 and minus 20(Celsius) in Trondheim. We react differently on temperatures, and some of the participants are more familiar with low temperatures than others. This means that we cannot give you a packing list, but we can give you some ideas:

  • Bring warm shoes, inside this can be too warm, but then you can bring some lighter shoes to wear inside
  • Warm jacket
  • Mittens
  • Scarf or buff (you will get a buff at the registration)
  • Hat
  • Wear visable reflex (you will get several at the registration)

The weather forecast app Yr, is a very useful app. Download it now, and you are well prepared. All of the daytime program will be in one building. Most of you will have accommodation close to the venue, or at the venue.

Some of the Early morning social activities will be out side; bring clothes for these activities, remember to have thin wool as the first layer of clothing if you are planning to stay out for longer than 10 minutes in cold weather (below minus 5 Celsius). 

Social get-togethers

Concert in Nidarosdomen 18 February

Trondheim municipality has given WRAB 2023 a concert in the medieval cathedral Nidarosdomen/Nidaros CathedralThe concert starts 17.30, doors will open from 17.15. Be on time! After the concert, the participants can have a look around in the cathedral. It is a nice walk from the conference venue, across the city, to the cathedral, approx. 15 minutes. Register for the bus if you don't want to walk.

Roof top drink 19 February

Social time in the roof top bar at Rockheim, the National Museum of Popular Music, just next door to the hotel. For pre-registred participants. We are happy to announce that this event has turned out to be very popular. To accommodate the great interest, and to respect fire regulations participants will be grouped in two; the first group will mingle between 8pm–9.45pm and the second group between 10pm–11.45pm. You will get information about which group you are in when you register in Trondheim.

Fun saying goodbye 21 February

Social time with all our new friends and colleagues. Reception, with snack and drink at the conference venue. For pre-registred participants. Starts 18:00.

Early morning social activities

Early morning social activities for pre-registered participants. Starts at various times. Some of them have a small additional cost, and some have access restrictions. 

Morning swim in the ice cold fjord & cod oil tasting

19–22 February, you leave the conference venue at 06:45 and walk for 15 minutes to Sjøbadet. We have reserved Sjøbadet from 07.00-08.00. You can walk down a stair into the freezing cold fjord, or be a tough one and jump. You warm up in the sauna, and you may want to jump in the fjord again. Bring a hat and also wool socks to wear while bathing, and a bathing suit. You need to bring a towel and you may also bring flipflops. You will be served cod oil before heading back to the conference venue. You will be back at the conference venue at 08:15. 100,- NOK for each day, access restrictions.

Go for a walk or jog along the fjord to see the special morning light

19 - 22 February, you leave the conference venue at 07:30 and if you need you will be guided along the fjord. You get back when you want. Open for everyone and free of charge. Remember to bring suitable clothes. 

Morning Yoga, at the gym 3T, next door

19 - 22 February, it starts at the gym 3T at 07:15. The gym called 3T will have 45 minutes yoga workout for the conference participants only. Wear comfortable gym clothing. For all levels. 50,- NOK for each day, access restrictions. 

Morning swim at the swimming facility next door

20 & 22 February, the doors open at 06:30, and the last one in is at 07:55. This is a morning swim and you get access to the big sportspool, as well as the warm pool. The pool is open for other than the conference participants. Bring a bading suit. 135,- NOK for each day, access restrictions.

Registration WRAB 2023

Registration for WRAB 2023 is now closed.

The conference fees are non refundable after 15 October 2022.