Pre Conference

Pre Conference

17 February, at NTNU campus Kalvskinnet

In addition to the WRAB 2023 conference there will be a pre-conference at campus Kalvskinnet, NTNU on 17 February. This will be a low cost event, and the participants are welcome to buy lunch in the university cafeteria.

The International Researchers Consortium (IRC) workshop

The IRC writing research workshop at WRAB is designed to make space available for extended time to read, think through, and discuss in detail each other’s research work. By asking participants to submit research in advance, and then read each others’ work prior to the conference, we are able to receive rich feedback on our own projects-in-process, as well as respond  to each other’s work and fully understand other institutional, cultural, and political contexts. It is also a chance to include each other in our respective local contexts as a community, encouraging collective reflection on the nature and status of writing research more broadly, and sponsoring collaboration as a network of writing scholars across these contexts. Ultimately, the workshop aims to engage researcher-participants from many countries and research traditions in an equal exchange dialogue, learning from each other through cross-national conversation based on specific projects that include multiple research traditions.

About the IRC

The International Researchers Consortium (IRC) is a standing group of the US-based College Conference on Composition and Communication, dedicated to promoting and advancing research by international researchers from around the world with a focus on researching higher education writing, composition, communication and rhetoric studies. In offering the IRC workshop, the group aims to provide a different kind of experience to scholars coming from various contexts: reading work in advance and preparing for collaborative on-site dialogue. We also hope to help develop resources for promoting awareness of international research, initiatives, and events, but also for highlighting the unique geopolitical, social, and institutional challenges faced by postsecondary writing teachers and scholars in national and regional contexts.

Saturday February 18th 2023

Workshop on Publishing in journals on writing/composing


Gert Rijlaarsdam, University of Amsterdam & Norwegian University of Technology and Science
Jill V Jeffery, Leiden University, the Netherlands.


In this workshop we discuss issues in getting published in academic journals and in acting as reviewer for such journals. We will provide insight into how the copy flow works, the role of editors and reviewers in decision making, the role of authors' responses to reviews, how to choose a journal for your study, how to avoid rejections because of piecemeal publication/how to split your data in multiple papers, for multiple journals, etc. The workshop will be driven by the issues and experiences participants shared in the first part of the workshop and will be a mix of questions and answers and presentations.

About the presenters

Gert Rijlaarsdam co-founded the academic journals L1-Educational Studies in Language & Literature, and Journal of Writing Research and the book series Studies in Writing. Currently he is editor of Learning & Instruction.

Jill V. Jeffery, PhD, is Editor-in-Chief of Writing and Pedagogy.