Environmental Engineering and Reactor Technology Group


Environmental engineering and reactor technology is the largest research group in the department covering interests in the fields of chemical reactor research, process design, acid gas absorption, membrane research, and crystallization and particle design. Our group is involved in research projects for the capture of CO2. One example is the BIGCCS – International CCS Research Centre which is one of eight centres established by the Norwegian Research Council under the scheme of Environmentally Friendly Research Centres (CEER). The BIGCCS Centre focuses on sustainable power generation from fossil fuels based on cost-effective CO2 capture, safe transport, and underground storage of CO2.The members of the environmental and reactor technology group are involved in topics like separation of CO2 with polymer membranes, capture of CO2 in systems with simultaneous crystallization of solids, dynamic modelling of absorption processes, and modelling and simulation of sorption enhanced steam methane reforming operated in fixed and circulating fluidized bed reactors.


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