Registration to SUBPRO Zero Symposium 2023

Registration is now open for the SUBPRO closing /SUBPRO Zero opening symposium at Britannia Hotel in Trondheim on 27 Nov. 2023

Registration to SUBPRO Symposium 2023

Subsea Production and Processing (SUBPRO)

Subsea Production and Processing (SUBPRO)



SUBPRO goals


SUBPRO is a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) within subsea production and processing.

The primary objective of SUBPRO is to become a leading international subsea research centre that provides top quality candidates, knowledge and technology innovations. This will be done in partnership with the most important industrial players in the subsea field.

About SUBPRO and the background for the Centre


SUBPRO-Zero PhD announcement

SUBPRO-Zero PhD positions announced!


In the new SUBPRO Zero project we have 2 open PhD positions. 

  1. Systematic method for smart management of CO2, transport and injection systems.
  2. Multi scale virtual flow metering for optimal decision-making.

Application deadline: 19.11.2023

Research areas

Education and recruitment