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The Department of Geography at the University of Trondheim was established in 1975. In 1996, the former colleges of the University of Trondheim were merged into one single unit, which was named the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The Department is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management.

Our research covers a broad range of fields across human and physical geography, with further links to other disciplines. We explore the interface between nature and society, and engage in debates on central problems and concepts of the discipline, such as space and place, scale (e.g. the local and the global), and the fundamental issue of structure and agency in the social sciences.

Our research provides relevant and novel insight to the complex challenges our society is facing by an interdisciplinary orientation and a tradition for focused collaboration among the staff. The research is clustered into four interconnected groups:


Do you want to work at Department of Geography, NTNU?

  • PhD Candidate in Geography (SVT-1177) The PhD project is part of the project Climate change and natural hazards: the geography of community resilience in Norway (ClimRes), funded by the Research Council of Norway. Background note. Application deadline: 08.11.2014.
  • PhD Candidate in Geography (SVT-1178) The PhD position is a part of focus area  Mobility, transnationalism and inequality, but is also a part of NTNU's strategic area of Sustainable social development, focus area Sustainable urban development. Application deadline: 08.11.2014.

Workshop: Political Ecologies of the Green Economy:
Date:10-11th December 2014. Venue: Litteraturhuset, Oslo

The deadline for abstracts is September 15st (300 words) and the deadline for full papers is November 15th. There will also be space for a few participants without a paper to present. The deadline for registration for those without a paper is November 1st.

Abstracts, papers and workshop registration should be emailed to:

Use this link, and find more information about the workshop

New student? On this page you can read more about orientation meetings
and other important information.

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