Research at the Department of Geography

Research at the Department of Geography

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Geography is a discipline that explores the spatial organization of society and interactions between people and environments, and provides knowledge about planning, management and development processes in society. These are all key areas in the development of solutions to some of the most important challenges that we face today, including those related to climate change, migration, urbanization, and economic change. 

Geography has a broad interface with other related disciplines in the social sciences and the 
natural sciences. Both the discipline and the Department are characterized by interdisciplinarity, which constitutes a strength when we address complex societal challenges and aim to find 
solutions to them. Additionally, it contributes to ensuring social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Strategic Focus Areas 2018-2025 

The Department of Geography has four strategic focus areas, reflected in both its teaching and research activities: 

    • Natural hazards and effects of climate change 
    • Nature, resource management and landscape 
    • Globalization, mobility and citizenship 
    • Innovation and regional changes 

Research groups

PhD Studies

NTNU Strategic Areas

NTNU Strategic Areas

Several members of staff are actively contributing to the following strategic areas: