Master's Degree Programme, 6 years

Clinical Programme in Psychology

– About the programme

Clinical Programme in Psychology. Photo: Kim Ramberghaug

This programme is taught in Norwegian.

Psychology is the study of behaviour and experience of humans and animals, where the characteristics of these are sought to be explained through theories based on observations and measurement.

At the Department of Psychology at NTNU, research and education in this subject are built up with emphasis on five different perspectives:

  • biological psychology
  • cognitive psychology
  • social psychology
  • personality psychology
  • developmental psychology

In the vocational programme we emphasize the application aspect of these fields by using skill training and practice.

Various phenomena and situations can often be described, explained and interpreted in different ways. This fact causes great demands regarding the students' ability to think independently and critically. For this reason, the syllabus emphasizes a programme that will provide the students with comprehensive, thematic, theoretical and methodological training in this subject through reading, teaching and research experience.

The programme qualifies you to become a psychologist in Norway.

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Department of Psychology
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Department of Psychology
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