Financing, fees and scholarships


You will be paying fees and charges directly to the university where you are enrolled. The fees will correspond to the fee level of that university. Please note that there are no tuition fees at NTNU. For more information about the other universities, please check their websites.

Documentation of funding

While there are no fees at NTNU, regulations from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration state that all international students who are not citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries need to apply for a student residence permit ( This means that applicants for programmes at NTNU must document their funding source(s) (NOK 94.400,- for 2013/2014) in their application.

How to provide documentation

In your application for admission, you may document financing by means of a bank statement and a letter of confirmation from your sponsor, but The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration will only accept confirmation of scholarships, grants or bank guarantees from a Norwegian bank.

Students who are admitted to a master's programme will be requested to transfer the minimum required funding to NTNU's deposit account before their arrival in Norway. This deposit is for covering living expenses only (NTNU does not have tuition fees). The money will be transferred to the student's Norwegian bank account once the student has opened one. Information about how to transfer the money to NTNU's deposit account will be provided along with the admissions letter. 


There are unfortunately no scholarships available to Joint Nordic Master's Programme students at NTNU. However, some of the partner universities have a limited number of tuition fee waivers to award foreign students. Please look at the other universities' homepages for information.