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Jutfelt Fish Ecophysiology Lab

Videos and media

Wild Zebrafish in India 2016

Video from our field work on wild zebrafish in North Bengal, India, October 2016

Three-spined stickleback males

This is a series of pictures of live stickleback males. Note the large individual variation in colour and shape. The fish are from the same population in Fiskebäckskil, Sweden, and the fish were photographed in May and June 2014 by Josefin Sundin, Laura Vossen and Fredrik Jutfelt.

Fredrik Jutfelt - fish research on Götheborg

Video filmed in the South China Sea between Vietnam and Borneo on the leg to China.

Filmed and edited by Peder Jacobsson

SVT Vetenskapens värld Antarktis Fredrik Jutfelt

This science TV program called In The Cold Waters of Antarctica (I Antarktis kalla vatten) was produced by the Swedish Public Service Television (SVT Vetenskapens värld). It aired in March 2012 on the Swedish Science Show Vetenskapens Värld.