Group members - Fish ecophysiology

Group members of the fish ecophysiology group and aquariums


Research group and collaborators


Fredrik Jutfelt - Associate professor, P.I.


Josefin Sundin - Postdoc

Dr. Sundin investigates the effects of ocean acidification and other environmental stressors on fish behaviour and reproduction.


Rachael Morgan - PhD candidate

Rachael studies thermal physiology and behaviour in zebrafish.


Mette Finnøen - PhD candidate

Mette investigates the effects of temperature on fish behaviour and pace-of-life syndrome. 


Jeff Clements – Marie Curie postdoc

Jeff will join the lab in 2017 to work on the effects of environmental stressors on marine organisms.


Gunnar Dresler – MSc student

Gunnar is doing a two-year project on the thermal physiology and plasticity of wild-caught zebrafish.


Anna Haukedal Andreassen – MSc student

Anna is doing a two-year project on the thermal physiology, behaviour and thermal preference of wild-caught zebrafish.


Eirik Åsheim – MSc student

Eirik is doing a two-year project on the thermal performance and thermal tolerance of wild-caught zebrafish.




Andreas Ekström, PhD candidate
Andreas studies thermal physiology in fish. Jutfelt is co-supervising.

Laura Vossen, PhD candidate
Her project explores how neurophysiology and behaviour is affected by environmental factors in fish. Jutfelt is co-supervising.

Arianna Cocco, PhD candidate
Arianna studies the neurophysiology in fish. Jutfelt is co-supervising.

Timothy Clark, Collaborator
Timothy is a collaborator on several projects on fish physiology and behaviour.

Professor Rolf Erik Olsen, Collaborator
Rolf Erik collaborates on gastrointestinal physiology projects.

Leon Green, PhD candidate, Collaborator.
Leon is a marine biologist and ecophysiologist working with environmental adaptation in fish gametes.

Sam Dupont, Collaborator
Sam is a collaborator on ocean acidification experiments at Kristineberg.

Professor Svante Winberg at Uppsala University, Collaborator
We also collaborate with Professor Svante Winberg on the neural causes of the behavioural disturbances seen in some fish exposed to elevated CO2 levels. Svante is the main supervisor for Laura and Arianna.

Malin Rosengren, Collaborator
Malin collaborates on fish physiology and personality projects.

Erik Sandblom, Collaborator
We collaborate with Erik Sandblom on fish physiology and thermal biology. Erik is the main supervisor for Andreas Ekström.

Professor Michael Axelsson, Collaborator
We collaborate with Professor Michael Axelsson, a leading expert on circulatory physiology and in vivo surgical techniques in ectothermic vertebrates; see “Comparative Animal Ecophysiolgy Laboratory”.

Fredrik Sundström, Collaborator
Ecologist and part-time physiologist Fredrik Sundström is collaborating on the Biotest project.

Catriona Clemmesen, Collaborator
Catriona and her team (Michael Sswat and Martina Stiasny) collaborated on large-scale ocean acidification and temperature experiments at Kristineberg in 2013.


Fredrik Jutfelt

My PhD and Post Doc research focused on the epithelial functions of the gastrointestinal tract in fish, and how factors such as temperature, diet and stress affects these functions. This work continues under Professor Kristina Snuttan Sundell and Henrik Sundh.

I am a member of the CeMEB Linneaus centre for marine evolutionary biology.

I currently hold a position as Associate Professor at the Department of Biology, NTNU. Some of my work is done at the University of Gothenburg marine station Sven Lovén Marine centre Kristineberg in Fiskebäckskil, Sweden.

Students interested in our research (MSc, PhD) and post docs are welcome to contact us regarding projects and collaborations. See Fredrik Jutfelt's employee profile for more information.