The Tanzania-NTNU Conservation Research Group (TNCRG)

The Tanzania-NTNU Conservation Research Group (TNCRG)


The Tanzania-NTNU Conservation Research Group (TNCRG) is an alumni network group for Tanzanian scientists graduated from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU, Department of Biology, and Department of Geography). The TNCRG promotes collaboration among members, NTNU, and Tanzanian academic and research institutions.


TNCRG objectives

  • To inform the rest of the world about the activities of the TNCRG
  • To build strong relationships between Tanzanian Conservation scientists with NTNU scientists in order to create networks aiming at enhancing career development on both sides.
  • To build and promote expertise and sharing knowledge in conservation biology and research between scientists from Tanzania, Norway and other countries.
  • To create links between NTNU, Tanzania researchers and their affiliated institutions with the international research community.
  • To initiate and participate in joint research projects and assignments seeking to address conservation and development problems/issues.

Master and PhD courses at NTNU

Many members from Tanzania who have graduated at NTNU have been enrolled in the International Master’s Program in Natural Resources Management.


One established network through TNCRG is AfricanBioServices   


The TNCRG operates under the patronage of Prof. Eivin Røskaft of NTNU and Prof. Idris Kikula of University of Dodoma, Tanzania.


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TNCRG Contact

TNCRG Contact

Coordinator – Tanzania

Iddi M Mfunda
Tel: + 255 754 285 868

Coordinator – Norway
Eivin Røskaft
Tel: +47 90652883, +255 789 175 611