Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

– Chemical Conversion of Waste Innovation Hub


Innovation areas

  • Upcycling of plastic waste to chemicals and fuels
  • Pretreatment of renewable resources such as plastic waste mixture or biomass
  • Purification and upgrading of pyrolysis oil
  • Biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals
  • Hydrogen production from plastic and biomass conversion
  • Development of catalyst and sorbent material for green chemical process
  • Process design and evaluation for sustainable solution in production and utilization of energy and resources




On going project : Biomass to Aviation Fuels (B2A, KPN project)

Project summary: Biofuels are the only real option to achieve significant reductions in aviation emissions. However, the main challenges remaining for large scale application of biofuels in the aviation sector are the cost- and feedstock supply. The B2A project aims to develop new processes based on catalytic fast hydropyrolysis technology for synthesis of the next generation of sustainable fuels for aviation from lignocellulosic biomass to increase the competitiveness compared to fossil fuel alternatives.


Projects in initiation phase:

  • Plastic wastes to hydrogen
  • Chemical Recycling of Plastic (CaRePlast)
  • Wastes Biomass to biocarbon and hydrogen


Picture from lab
Photo: Kim Ramberghaug