Comparative Medicine Core Facility

How to get access to the facility

Before you are allowed to work at Comparative Medicine Core facility, you need to participate in a local tour at the animal facility, and you need to visit the Health, Environment and Safety Division for a health check. When you are familiar with our local routines and can demonstrate the necessary competence in handling animals, you will get access to the facility.

To get access to Comparative Medicine Core Facility, you need to:

  1. Document your education in laboratory animal science, including practical training
  2. Read the General rules and information
  3. Read the HSE procedures
  4. Visit the Health, Environment and Safety Division and get a Health declaration
  5. Get a guided tour and training at the core facility (please contact head of facility or daily manager)
  6. Fill out the approval form (pdf) and send it to the head of facility
  7. For key card access: send an email with your name and key card number to the daily manager. If you are working outside the Faculty of Medicine, please contact the daily manager for more information.